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Character Analysis

When Rachel saw Sean again in the Bistro that day, she decided not to walk away. She had no idea about the dangerous rip tides that were about to occur, or just how many people it would bind.

One choice, one decision, linked them together and affected them all

Scroll down to find a character bio of the main characters and their relationships with each other.

Below is a graph showing how many chapters each of the main characters appear in.

Character Frequency Graph

Sean Fergus

  • 27 years old.
  • Born in Brentwood, Essex.
  • Currently residing in Sudbury, Essex.
  • Gangster, Pimp, Enforcer, all round violent thug.
  • Still infatuated by first love Rachel.

Distinguishing features

Rough and rugged good looks; brooding, seducing blue eyes that could change to a chilling grey in seconds.


A Stereotypical born psychopath.... or is he?

Aspiration, authority, supremacy and control are what drives him. His need for these things means he has switched off the button to his conscience and humanity.

Superficially charming with an ability to show displays of emotion although not genuine and is an expert in manipulating others.

Sexist, chauvinistic, opinionated and when he doesn’t get his own way, violent, aggressive and brutal, unless he is around Rachel.

What do you think of Sean?

Sean Connections
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Rachel Marsden

  • 27 years old.
  • Born in Blackmore, Essex.
  • Current residence unknown.
  • Worked as a waitress at a bistro in Brentwood, Essex.
  • Still infatuated by first love Sean, her life is thrown into disarray when she meets him again ten years later.
  • Mother to Adam; a child from a previous fling after she split from Sean.

Distinguishing features

Striking. Dark flaxen corkscrew curls; mismatched lengths frame her curved profile. A parted fringe plunges over her eyes encased with long black eyelashes that only required the bare minimum of make-up to accentuate their natural beauty. An hour glass figure which she tries to hide under baggy clothes.


Determined and prepared to do what is necessary to survive. Something she is forced to discover when she is confronted with the bare true form of Sean.

Sassy and fiery; traits she learnt while spending time in care when she was younger.

A deep thinker. Her love of books as a child makes her question events in her own life. She speaks her mind and shows no fear when she believes she is right.

She presents a false innocence but her eyes tell anyone that looks into them that they hold a veil of concealed secrets.

Rachel Connections
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James Porter

  • 28 years old.
  • Born in Blackmore, Essex.
  • Currently residing in Kirkdale, Liverpool.
  • Works as an Risk Assessment Manager at an insurance firm.
  • Still infatuated by first love Rachel, he tries to rebuild his life without her.
  • Father of their son, Adam.
  • Married to Jane.

Distinguishing features

Model appearance with a wardrobe to match; chiselled features; brooding scowl, soulful blue eyes; sandy blonde hair chopped and spiked.


Caught between being charming and a nerd, a hermit and confident but more happy playing the role of an introvert; an observer, someone who likes to watch people and figure out who they really are, as opposed to who they think they are.

The quiet ominous presence he characterises makes him seem meagre and feeble obscuring the hostility and antagonism that builds up inside of him daily.

He resents being made to feel guilty for having a good life, a decent childhood, parents that made sure every opportunity was open to him; first by Rachel, then by Jane.

James is a quiet character in When Ravens Fall, but don’t be fooled by what seems sincerity and compassion. Bitterness and umbrage is slowly engulfing him and he is about to show his true colours.

James Connections
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Kenny Maltrowitz

  • 69 years old.
  • Born in Poland, Moved to East End of London in 1942.
  • Currently residing in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.
  • Gangster, Entrepreneur, Businessman.
  • Holds an attraction for Sean and detests Rachel.

Distinguishing features

Old kind eyes that could be replaced with a cold, fear-provoking stare by the mere dilation of dark furtive pupils.

He has a distinguished and illustrious style that hides the ripened age really is.


His family mean everything to him. His legal businesses are for them. So he can leave them something when he is no longer around.

His homosexuality is hidden from his family although the villainous circles he moves in are well aware.

He has a phobia of fresh blood. He cannot stand to be anywhere near it. It just freaks him out. Dried blood he can deal with, it is the bright red pulsating kind he has trouble with.

He liked to form relationships with the younger emerging bad boys. He believed that if you got them young enough, they remained loyal. It had worked with Sean.

Rachel is Kenny’s nemesis. He is consumed with jealousy by her connection with Sean.

What do you think of Kenny?

Kenny Connections
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