Matilda Wren

An opinion about human interaction, support of indie publishing and a love of a Home County

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I am the author of WHEN RAVENS FALL. A dark gritty rollercoaster hard hitting thriller, that delves deep into the evil complex human psyche.

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My website offers you a choice of Blogs on my two favourite subjects, Interviews with some of my favourite authors, Reviews of the books I have read and Events where I post upcoming public appearances and links and photo’s to past ones.

So a little bit about me...

I‘m in my... early thirties and I’m a mother, daughter, sister, auntie and a best friend. I was born and raised in Chelmsford, Essex and this is where I have remained; not wanting to live anywhere else.

My favourite smell is bread baking. My favourite colour is pink. I prefer baths to showers; I sometimes talk in my sleep and I will almost certainly nick the duvet.

I am the type of person who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened... yesterday! Spiders terrify me as do bumble bees, wasps, daddy longlegs, birds flying at me, clowns, heights and I can’t stand my belly button being touched!!

I have studied Psychology for five years; I have gained qualifications up to degree level which grants me an understanding of the mechanics, models, and modes used within this subject, but in no way makes me an expert.

I do not have a Masters, I haven’t studied for a PhD, and I do not profess to be a Psychologist, Doctor, Professor, Lecturer or Researcher. The individuals that have earnt these statuses deserve to be called experts and are leagues above myself in the knowledge of certain psychological concepts. Like I said, I am just offering an explanation of behaviour that best fits in my head.

Having long held an interest in human behaviour, in particular abnormal or anti-social conduct and whilst studying and practicing Psychology for the past five years I have been exposed to a variety of diverse forms of deviant behaviour which culminated in ‘When Ravens Fall’ being created.

This and being an avid fan of Dark Romance and Psychological Thrillers, I drew upon the inspiration I have gained through authors of these genres and my work experience within various criminal settings.