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The Revival is the third instalment in the Holly Goforth series. I haven’t read the first two books but have decided I need to in order to understand what has happened to the main characters, Holly and her brother Bart, up until this point.

I really liked this book. It has twists and turns galore. It has action and thrills. It has romance. It has philosophical and religious elements running all the way through. It hooked me right away.

In a nutshell, The Revival is about a young woman; Holly, and how she becomes unwittingly involved in a sex trafficking ring while visiting her brother in rehab. In between, she falls in love with an unlikely suitor; her brother’s doctor, and is forced to find out her real true strength in order to save a girl from the seedy gang.

In any book I read, I always try to guess what is going to happen. For me, this book was one of those books that didn’t go where you thought it was going to go. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, a twist was thrown at me. This is the best kind of read. It keeps you wanting more throughout. It caused a reaction.

I want to read a book that makes you shout out loud at something because it affected you. I want to hate certain characters and love others. I want to argue against their actions when I don’t like it and then cheer in adulation when they do something I wanted. The Revival did this.

The characters that have been created were well formed, in the sense that they all managed to get a reaction out of me. Some I wanted to scream at and others I wanted to hug. They were believable. For example ‘Bart’ was a personal favourite of mine. He was cute and cheeky. I liked him straight away and he is one of the reasons I want to read the other two previous books in this series.

Getting attached to a character is the sign that the author has succeeded in creating someone believable. The same goes for Holly; however I do not like this woman! She aggravates me. But I can’t say why. I can’t put my finger on it; there is just something about her I can’t take to. How true is this of people we meet in daily life? You don’t know why, you just don’t like some people. It makes the story feel realistic.

Jon Anderson is exceptional at bringing you into the story. His use of imagery manages to encompass you in the way that when someone from the real world drags you out of it, you are instantly annoyed. You are in the group therapy sessions with the characters and I was most definitely in the swamp with Roxanne and Major Tom.

I found the setting of the story being in America quite refreshing. I tend to read a lot of UK based fiction and it was a pleasant change to be transported somewhere else for a while.

The group therapy sessions were just brilliant. They made me laugh! The rapport between the doctor and the kids was comical yet quite sentimental. I learnt quite a bit too. It was an eye opener to discover just what chemicals young people will put in their bodies for a fix.

The Revival is definitely a book to read if you enjoy your crime thrillers. It is a fast-paced read that ends before you know it. Let’s hope we hear more from Holly Goforth soon.

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